7 Common Mistakes that Rob Rifle Accuracy

The accuracy of your rifle is determined by so many factors within the gun and around it. Overlooking these factors can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the shots that you are making. Some of these factors make up some very common mistakes that you might not even be aware of. At times you might even think that it’s your rifle that is faulty yet you are the one making the errors. Although some of these mistakes could sound minor, you’ll be shocked by the impact they could have on your rifle accuracy. These commonly overlooked errors include:

1. A scope that is improperly mounted

How well do you know to mount your scope? You might think your normal way of mounting it is correct, but it might not be. Getting the scope mounted right is the first step towards an accurate shot. There are so many step-by-step instructions online teaching shooters about mounting a scope. You can even find videos showing you how to do it correctly. Some rifles even come with a manual guide on how to do it because different guns could have different specifications.

2. Shooting during poor weather conditions

The weather condition has a significant effect on how accurate a shot could be. This is especially common for guns that are not specially designed for distant shooting. For beginners or if you want to set up your rifle, it is advisable that you do this early in the morning. During this time of the day, the weather is calm with low temperatures. It helps in eliminating mirage thus boosting shot accuracy.

3. Shoulder pressure that is inconsistent

Preferences on the amount of shoulder pressure applied vary from one individual to another. Some shooters are known to prefer heavier pressure than others. Shooting experts explain that there is no problem with having more massive force. They state that whichever the amount of pressure you apply is okay as long as you can keep it consistent.

4. Lack of focus and follow-through

Most new shooters are always quick to move their head and body just after pulling the trigger. This is a recipe for a very inaccurate shot. To make spot-on shots, you are advised to remain physically and mentally connected to the bullet until it hits its target. Maintaining a sharp focus and follow-through will have an incredible boost on shooting skills.

5. An unstable rest

It’s rather evident that an unstable rest leads to poor shots. You have to make sure that you find a comfortable rest where your arms and the rifle can remain stable. You can even decide to invest in a bipod or bench rest if you are a regular shooter.

6. A trigger pull that is inconsistent

If you are the type of shooter who yank the trigger instead of gently pulling it, then you need to stop. An improperly pulled trigger is likely to affect the sight of the target that you are aiming at. You could even end up moving the whole rifle before the bullet is released making your shots be far from accurate. The best way to learn how to pull the trigger correctly is through practice.

7. Barrel heat

After several shots, the barrel temperature is usually expected to go up. If not controlled this heat leads to inconsistent shots that will affect the accuracy of your rifle. To reduce this barrel heat, you can always take breaks between shots allowing it to cool down. You can also be taking your shots under a shade or invest in a portable fan.

Avoiding all the above mistakes will successfully improve your rifle accuracy. With more practice, you will be impressed by how good your shots will become. Also, keeping your body fit and firm can help improve accuracy. See the 3 week diet review to learn more.